Tramlines 2017!

Tramlines, the annual Sheffield music festival, made its return this July into a rather dreary weekend, but being British (and from the north) involves a level of ignorance when it comes to dressing for the weather. Every grey cloud has a silver lining of girls in barely there dresses and boys in flip-flops and this ran true for Tramlines.

Personally, I only went to one event during the Tramlines weekend, which was at Record Junkee. The event was a small, free entry gig, and a few local, up and coming bands played. I went with my friend Skye, to support our friend Dan, who is the drummer for a band called The Kicklips. It was my first time seeing the band live or hearing any of the music, and the raw indie-rock vibes were a pleasant surprise. The sound felt both fresh and contemporary, but held onto a sense of nostalgia and romance.

“You think I’m the one for you, love are you blind… Love?” From Hillywood, by The Kicklips.

My outfit

Let’s finally talk about my outfit, in the hopes of keeping this blog post somewhat related to fashion. I wore a vintage denim jacket on top of my Dsquared2 red long sleeved shirt. This was tucked into some raw-edge white denim shorts and paired with my Dsquared2 belt. Keeping in the theme of red white and blue, I wore my limited edition red suede superstars, and some colour blocked Topman socks. Colour blocking has really interested me recently, and I’ve been experementing with colour palettes. Clearly here my colour choices could be viewed as patriotic, but I promise I won’t be singing Rule, Britannia! anytime soon.


I’d also like to take the time to mention my friend Sophia’s blog, The Girl With The Purple Dockers, She posts about her life, pieces of creative writing, and tries to raise awareness for mental health. Her posts are open, honest and humorous. Her most recent post is titled Self-care and anxiety and she talks about how she has, or wishes she had dealt with feelings of stress and anxiety in the past. If you have the time, please give her a visit and leave a nice comment.


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