5 ways to wear: bleached denim.

Possibly one of the standout trends for early 2017, and a staple that will last through the year, bleached denim in any form will prove to be a crucial addition to your wardrobe.

But what are you even meant to wear it with?

I’ve put together five outfits featuring one pair of DIY bleached denim jeans (stay tuned for a tutorial) and now I’m going to show you how I wear bleached denim.

Look 1 – Prints on prints on prints.


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For some people, pattern mixing is the opposite of a good time. But the best way to do it is by diving in. With the loudness of bleached denim, you can easily get away with other bright and extreme choices. For example, I wore a tie-dye shirt, that I found at a local vintage store, the orange and blue design made use of complementary colours, and also complemented the blue jeans. I wore a DSQUARED belt with a large, statement buckle. I paired my rainbow print Stan Smiths with some KenzoxH&M socks, in the blue/green leopard print. I accessorised this look with a Topman bandana, and a handmade rope bracelet in purple and blue. Because I wanted to show off each element of this outfit fully, I tucked in my shirt to reveal the belt and show more of the jeans.

If you wanted to pull off a similar look, you can find similar tie-dye shirts on asosΒ in almost any colour.

Look 2 – Crayola box.


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For the second look, I wanted to do something exciting, yet simple. So I chose to do some colour blocking. In this outfit, the denim ties two pairs of complementary colours together. I wore a purple Slazenger t-shirt, which I bought along with a yellow one from a thrift store recently. While Slazenger hasn’t particularly made a comeback, other vintage sports brands have, however for this outfit the appeal was the complementary logo embroidery. I accessorised with a yellow cap and a vintage yellow baby-G watch. I wore a black and white checkerboard print belt from Blue Banana, I think the recent rise in the use of this print from brands such as Granted has made this belt a useful item to own, whether you’re an emo or not. I wore some plain red socks and a pair of green Diesel shoes. The overall look is sporty and fun, and the jeans add excitement to an otherwise simplistic outfit.

If you wanted to try something similar, you could look at Size? which has a variety of sportswear brands, and has lots of exclusive pieces, like this FILA t-shirt.

Look 3 – Doubling up on denim!


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The first thing most people think of when they hear double denim, is JT and Britney’s iconic couples look at the AMAs. But, it can be a little less extravagant than that. I chose to wear a denim shirt I had also bleached with song lyrics from Maps, by The Front Bottoms. I wore this over a Ben Howard t-shirt, and accessorised with a gold buckled belt and a gold watch. The photos I took for this outfit were inspired by Theresa May, fields of wheat definitely make for a dramatic photo.

If you wanted to try double denim, H&M has a variety of shades of versatile denim jackets, such as this distressed one.


Look 4 – Go grunge.



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Bleached denim lends itself to the grunge aesthetic in the way it feels distressed, and it’s easy to take your look there. I wore a customised penguin polo shirt. (I cut off the collar of the shirt and left a raw edge to add to grunge vibe.) I tucked this in and wore a leather diesel belt, with a large silver buckle. I accessorised with a casio watch and a wooden bracelet. I added a simple pair of black shoes and some pale yellow socks. In this outfit, the jean become the focus by wearing muted tops, acccessories and shoes.

If you’re a fan of the shirt, I found a similar top on Topman. By pairing the bleached denim with another item that’s been altered, it makes the jeans almost belong in an outfit.

Look 5 – Keep it Kasual


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Okay, so maybe you’re not a Kardashian, you don’t want to look over-dressed for a simple day out. But you can wear bleached denim and still look casual. Bible. For this look, I wore an Evisu t-shirt, with some simple embroidery, I left it untucked so the asymmetry of the Hem was visible. I wore a vintage overshirt in a faded purple and orange pinstripe. I wore some casual white shoes, but almost anything could go with this vibe. I wanted to add a bit of flash to the look, so I accessorised with a pair of round reflective sunglasses.

If you want to try for something more casual, on the ASOS marketplace, you can find tons of vintage pieces that have that perfect faded, washed look, like this piece.

In conclusion,

Don’t overthink your outfits, bleached denim might seem like the evil sibling to ripped jeans, but it’s just as versatile, friendly and comfortable.

How do you wear your bleached denim?Β 

What would you like to see me do a ‘5 ways to wear’ with next?


Picture credits to my photographer, Tom. @tomhowson_ on Instagram.

** I am not associated with any of the sites I have linked to, these are just my personal recommendations. **


2 thoughts on “5 ways to wear: bleached denim.

  1. amazingly thought out ! i love the grunge and casual looks πŸ™‚
    great little tutorial, i’ll definitely reference from this πŸ“πŸ’πŸ‰

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