CHANEL Fall-Winter 2017/18 Haute Couture

Karl Lagerfeld has made me fall in love with Paris all over again.

At its core, I believe that Chanel has always been the quintessential French fashion house. This concept was brought forward by miles in the Fall-Winter 2017/18 Haute Couture show. The stage was at once, both understated and radical. A pathway beneath the Eiffel tower was Lagerfeld’s manifestation of what fashion in Paris is about. By utilising the iconic parisian attraction, audience members were immersed in Lagerfeld’s Paris.

Screenshot from 2017-07-10 00-11-35

I was blown away by the opening shots of the stage. The event looked so casual, yet epharrell.jpglite. It represented exactly what entices me about fashion – a sense of grace, ease and exclusivity. The crowd was your typical group of fashion show attendees – celebs, musicians, models, editors, designers, influencers. There was some exciting outfits on the front row alone, my personal favourite being Pharrell Williams’. While it is admittedly casual, it stood out in the plethora of dark metallics, blacks and whites that filled the room(?)*

* Would it be considered a room? Technically it could be an area.



Now, the looks…

Sixty-four individual hand crafted looks were presented in the show. Obviously, to talk about each one individually would be a treat for me, not you, so I’ve chosen a few of my favourite pieces, along with the opening and closing looks.

Look 01

The first look provides an insight into the rest of the collection, we see the boater hat utilised in every look (minus the finale). We also see the puffed out arms that feature later in the collection. The shiny boots also make their first appearance. What I love about the opening look is the desaturated colouring. The fabric reminds me of television static, but also forces me to notice the silhouette of the look. It feels traditional and formal, but still irreverent, which I often think is hard to find in Chanel collections.

Look 20

I particularly enjoyed this look as it reads as casual, especially in comparison to the more formal looks in the collection. The contrast between the silky fabric with high movement and the stiffer, thicker tweed. Once again, the muted colours encourage me to enjoy the unconventional silhouettes. We get a clearer look at the boots, which while simple, make each look feel edgier and current – what with the recent trends of PVC materials.



Look 25

This is another strong example of the distinctive silhouettes Karl presents in this collection. The long full skirt that stops mid-calf creates a sense of modest femininity that deviates from the sense of strength and power that the padded shoulders and arms creates.





chanel28.jpgLook 28

In this look we see the theme of opposites come to fruition. The stiff shape of the top is the antithesis of the flowing skirt. When both pieces are combined with the shoes, the mismatched materials do seem out of place, but the rust colour of each piece complements the materials.







chanel45.jpgLook 45

This is possibly my favourite look of the collection. The sheer fabric with the chic silhouette tells me we’ll definitely see this dress on a red carpet. The bow in the front adds a cute quality to the look. The sleeves are particularly interesting, as they introduce an element of elegance.




chanel64.jpgLook 64

The finale look, a wedding dress. The silhouette reminds me of the traditional Korean Hanbok dress. But where the Hanbok is characterised with bright colours, this dress is minimal and ivory.
The bow at the front center of the dress as seen on other looks in the collection returns, as do the feather trims. The dress, while seeming traditional and pristine, has a youthful essence with the black boots and also with the addition of pockets. The veil is simultaneously the train of this dress, and floats behind the model beautifully.


chanelshoe.jpgchanelmu.jpgThe details…

With the makeup, reparations were made for the collection’s lack of colour. While the lips were left nude, the eyes were painted in every colour. The look reminded me of parrot feathers, but I really enjoyed the abstract design.
The shoes were simplistic boots, with pointed toes, clear heels and buttons. The knee high boots were longer versions of the shoes and continued the modern feel.


In conclusion.. (TL;DR)

The collection signified romance, Paris, and tradition. Each look was fresh, yet still classic. I think Karl has done himself proud.

What did you think? What was your favourite look? Let me know in the comments.



All images taken from CHANEL’s youtube video of the show. or the CHANEL website or VOGUE’s website, or here.
No copyright infringement was intended in the making of this post.



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