Prom 2017!

One of the many blessings that comes with the end of GCSEs is Prom, a night where you can go all out and splurge on an outfit to round-off the four years of uniformed education. At my school, talks of prom dresses and suits rippled around the students as early as September of Y11, 10 months before prom.
prom3-e1499032057499.jpgIt’s easier said than done to get a prom outfit. In a group of over 100 teens, it’s likely there’ll be at least two people wearing the same thing. At my prom, that was definitely the case. But luckily, it wasn’t all the same old, same old. While some girls opted for the more traditional princess silhouettes and prom dress styles, those who chose brighter colours and fun silhouettes definitely stole the spotlight.
One of my personal favourite outfits of the night was a short red garment with an asymmetrical nude panel, worn by my friend Hannah. The contrast of her dark hair made her stand out in a positive light.


Another highly anticipated part of prom is the presentation of awards, of course the classic prom king and queen awards. (Shout out to my prom date Ruth who won prom queen!) But also prizes such as most likely to win an Oscar, or most likely to become a professional footballer.  The one I was looking forward to the most was best dressed: who would win? (Here’s a clue – I did.)

I wore a look inspired by plant-life and with an influence of the french renaissance. I stuck to a colour scheme of teal and cream. From top to bottom, I wore a pussy-bow style cream silk tie made by my mother. The shirt was from ASOS, it’s a light, loose fitting piece that was easy to wear. I wore a brown leather belt with a large buckle, keeping onto the trend of statement belts. But the trousers probably made the largest statement, also from ASOS, the floral design came to life on the silky cream fabric. I particularly liked these trousers because the pattern doesn’t repeat in a strikingly obvious manner. Finally, the shoes which were also from ASOS (I promise I’m not sponsored,) look simple and understated at first. But under a flash light or direct sunlight, the holographic glitter makes the shoes sparkle.

Finally, here’s a short gallery of related pictures. What did you wear to your prom? Let me know in the comments!






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